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Madhya Pradesh govt to set up tourism board with CM as its head

BHOPAL: The state government on Tuesday decided to set up a tourism board. The decision was reached at a meeting of the tourism cabinet in Pachmarhi.The chief minister will be the chairman of the board, the minister for tourism and chief secretary will be vice-chairmen while principal secretaries of the departments of finance, forest, urban development, environment and culture will be the directors. According to the state government, the decision to constitute the Tourism Board has been taken to encourage and promote Madhya Pradesh tourism nationally and internationally. The main work of the board would be implementation of the state’s tourism policy, attract private sector participation, facilitate investors and extend benefits to them as is permissible under the tourism policy. The Board would also have to formulate new policies, monitor new tourism projects, select and increase land banks and organise fairs, food festivals, cultural programmes, cottage industry carnivals.

After the tourism cabinet, the council of ministers approved the Governor’s speech for the budget session. The government also decided to extend the deadline for acceptance of MISA detainees’ pension applications. Cabinet also sanctioned renovation of 10,000 km of rural roads under the chief minister’s rural roads scheme. The state government also decided to develop all islands of Hanuwantiya on the Indira Sagar Dam. There are an estimated 80 such small islands on the lake.

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