Madhya Pradesh: Miscreants insert bottle in blind man’s rectum, removed surgically

BHOPAL: Two unidentified persons pushed a 7-inch long liquor bottle inside the rectum of a blind man in Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh.
The incident took place on October 8 and the victim moved around with the bottle inside his body for three days fearing embarrassment.
He reported the matter to family members on Wednesday when his condition worsened.
The doctors at the hospital conducted X-ray of the victim and it when it was seen that a bottle is inside his body then they operated him to remove the bottle.

“I was on my emergency duty at the trauma. The case had not come to me as I am an orthopaedic surgeon but as there were no other doctors at that time, seeing the suffering of the victim, I got the x-ray done. It was seen in the x-ray that a 7-inch bottle is inside him,” Dr Bharat Arya, of Sehore district hospital who operated the victim told TOI.
“It was 7-inch long bottle. The victim is still admitted at the hospital, however he is in relief now and his condition has improved. He was not able to breathe and excrete before the operation,” Arya said.
Sources said that the victim was sitting somewhere in his village when two people who were probably drunk, had inserted the bottle in his rectum.
Police officials have also started investigations into the matter. “We are investigating it,” said sub inspector Vineeta Vishwakarma, who is investigating the case told TOI.

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