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A horrifying video from Florida has surfaced online that shows a hair-raising scene of doctors removing live bugs from a man’s nose. As per reports, the unidentified man visited HCA Florida Memorial Hospital after feeling “off” for months and having frequent nosebleeds. To his horror, the doctors discovered that the issue was caused nearly 150 live bugs living in his nasal cavity. Doctors helped a man get rid of 150 bugs inside his nose and he is expected to make a full recovery (Representational image). (Unsplash/@boarderbloke) “Over a couple hours my face just started swelling, my lips swelled, I could hardly talk,” the man told First Coast News. “I started getting nose bleeds, constant nose bleeds. I couldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom without my nose starting to bleed,” the patient added. Hindustan Times – your fastest source for breaking news! Read now. He also told the outlet that his symptoms of feeling “off” started in 2023. He explained that he has “an extremely compromised immune system” due to having neuroblastoma about 30 years ago which resulted in removing a cancerous tumour in his nose. As per the outlet, the bugs were discovered when the patient visited Dr David Carlson. “Thankfully he prompted me to take a closer look at the nosebleed, so we took a camera and looked in the nose and that’s when things dramatically changed,” Dr Carlson told First Coast News. The doctor found that there were dozens and dozens of living bugs inside the patient’s “nose and sinus cavity”. And, they were not microscopic bugs. “When they feed they also create excrement. Larvae shed tissue and excrement and that creates a toxic environment that creates the inflammation because there was a significant abnormality in that nose,” the medical practitioner added. “Size-wise there are variations, but the larger ones were as big as the end of my pinky. I knew he was in big trouble, there was erosion that was occurring near the skull base in very close proximity to his eye and his brain,” he further explained. A video of the live bugs inside the man’s nose was shared on YouTube. Viewers’ discretion is advised as the video contains graphic images. The video prompted people to share varied reactions.“I guess it’s a good thing this video has no audio because the only audio I can imagine is the sound of everyone in that room retching as the doctor is pulling out those bugs,” wrote a YouTube user. “Well that’s a new fear unlocked,” added another. “That’s probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. How does that even happen,” joined a third. How is the patient recovering?According to First Coast News, the man is given a special anti-parasitic rinse to clean his nose. He will have to be evaluated three to four times a year. He is expected to make a full recovery.

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