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Employees taking legal actions against the companies they work for or used to work for is a very common occurrence. However, one such case is creating a buzz. And, it’s because of the reason that made a railway employee sue his company. Reportedly, he sued the company because of his “boring job” where he has “nothing to do.”Dermot Alastair Mills, working as a finance manager at Irish Rail in Dublin, shared that in his £105,000 (over $1,20,000) yearly job he spends his days doing nothing but eating, drinking, and reading newspapers.“I’d say if I got something that requires me to do work once in a week I’d be thrilled,” Mills told the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC), reports Daily Mail.“I either work from home or go into the office – two days at home, three days in the office,” he expressed during a hearing at the Workplace Relations Commission, Daily Mail added.During the hearing he also talked about his day-to-day activities at his workspace. Further, he claimed that the whole situation has made him isolated from his colleagues.“If I go to the office, I go in for 10am. I buy two newspapers, The Times and The Independent, and a sandwich. I go into my cubicle, I turn on my computer, I look at emails. There are no emails associated with work, no messages, no communications, no colleague communications. I sit and I read the newspaper and I eat my sandwich. Then about 10.30am, if there’s an email which requires an answer, I answer it. If there’s work associated with it, I do that work,” he shared.Adjudicating officer Penelope McGrath, at Workplace Relations Commission, shared she would ask the employer’s side to appear regarding the case. The case is still underway and will reportedly have its next hearing in February.

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