Man shows off his belly dance moves in Goa, stuns netizens. Watch | Trending

A video of a man showing off his dance moves at a restaurant in Goa is going increasingly viral on social media platforms and is bound to leave you both amazed and amused. Shared on Instagram, the video shows the man named Vaibhav, dressed in a white crop top and brown pants with a white shirt tied around his wa, effortlessly making the belly dance moves on beats, and it is sure to bewitch you.”Still can’t believe this happened. I was just there to party with my girls who would have thought I’d end up doing THAT. Thank you @thalassagreektaverna for giving me my moment to shine. And thank you my love @priyanka.w.verma for capturing the moment so perfectly,” read the caption of the video shared on Instagram. The video was shared on the Insta handle @whyvaiwhy. Watch the video below:

Since being shared on November 14, the video has raked up more than 4.7 lakh views. The post has also gathered numerous comments from netizens. “You made me proud, happy and alive!!! All at the same time!!! Bless you,” posted an individual. “Damn! It’s treat for the eyes,” commented another. “Amazing moves. Just perfect. Keep it up brother,” shared a third. “Just wowwwwwww,” expressed a fourth.


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