Massive Fibroid From Uterus Removed Through Minimally Invasive Approach

A 24 year old (Female) was feeling uneasy over the last 6 months, often tired, fatigued & breathless on doing any work. Her tummy felt bloated and heavy. She had been ignoring her health as her mind was occupied with marriage preparation which was due in a month. Her periods had been heavy and prolonged. She had been postponing meeting a doctor. 
As she stepped out to do some shopping, she suddenly felt very giddy, had a black out and fainted. Her relatives rushed her to the hospital and she was stabilized. When the doctors did a blood Check up they found out that she was severely anaemic. Her haemoglobin was 3, when normally it should have been around 11. She was given multiple blood transfusions to increase her Hb, Doctors wondered how she carried on with her daily routine with such low Hb. When further evaluated she was detected to have a large fibroid, almost 8 months pregnant uterus size on an average. Her uterus was of the size of a watermelon due to the fibroids. She was offered open surgery to remove fibroids as they were very large in size.
However, she met Dr. Shwetha .S. Kamath at Rainbow Hospitals Hebbal through a reference. Dr. Shwetha reassured her that she was in good hands. The fibroid could be removed laparoscopically through a small incision. Keyhole surgery would ensure that her recovery was faster, less blood loss, less hospital stay, less chance of infection or hernia and more cosmetic.
She trusted the Doctor and proceeded with surgery. The procedure went smoothly and she was discharged in 2 days. Her recovery was fast and it surprised her and her relatives alike, considering the fibroid weighed 2 kg. She was able to get married on the priorly fixed date with all vigor, happiness and was stress free. 
Fibroids are common non-cancerous tumors in the uterus. In most they don’t cause any problem, in some it can cause heavy periods, painful periods, infertility recurrent miscarriages, anaemia or pressure effect on surrounding organs due to the large size. These symptoms shouldn’t be ignored. Make an appointment with your gynae and ensure everything is alright.
Dr Shwetha Kamath
Over 1000 major laparoscopic surgeries have been performed at Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Hebbal. It has been a referral centre for complicated gynecological laparoscopic procedure. It has state of art operation theatre with advanced technologies, instruments and surgical ICU. It is more than just a children’s hospital, it provides holic women’s care. Apart from pregnancy and delivery, infertility services and advanced laparoscopic surgery for complicated gynecological problems are available. It is one stop solution for all women and child care.
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