Meet Simon Beck who creates mind-blowing snow art using snowshoes and a ski pole

If you thought snow angels, ice sculptures, and snowmen are all the art that one can create from snow, this former cartographer’s creations will blow your mind. Also a former engineer, Simon Beck creates geometric doodles on football field-sized areas covered with untouched snow. The art’s tools? Just a pair of snowshoes and a ski pole!
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Beck, who is an outdoor enthusiast, has been doodling on snow since 2004. He uses simple math to first chart out of the design on a piece of paper, and then bring them to life on ground: one mm on the paper represents one step on the ground.
The Londoner, who now lives in the French Alps, draws geometric doodles which are best viewed from a height, and change their appearance according to the angle one views them from, and the amount of sunlight that falls on it. Every ‘drawing’ require hours, if not days, of walking. He also experiments on sand.

Take a look at some of his jaw-droppingly stunning snow creations:

For an art form that takes meticulous detail along with mental as well as grueling physical work, the temporariness of his art is something he gets asked about often, the art told Art News in an interview. “As long as the weather holds long enough for us to get pictures, I consider it a job well done,” he said.
The art’s work sometimes spans hundreds, and sometimes thousands of square feet, with his largest being that of a four-leaf clover on a frozen reservoir in France — which is the size of six soccer fields, and took 32 hours to bring to life.
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