Mitchell Johnson reveals when it become personal with David Warner, slams George Bailey for questioning his mental health | Cricket News

Mitchell Johnson has stepped up his war of words against his former teammates revealing the real reason when it become personal with the David Warner and lashed out again at chairman of selector George Bailey for questioning his mental health.
A couple of daya ago, in his column, published in the West Australian, the former speedster has questioned why Warner has got to pick his retirement date despite going through a poor form with the bat in Test. The former Australian speedster has also brought the ball tampering scandal and has made scathing attack on Bailey over his role in keeping Warner in the Test side, among other decisions.
Johnson has revealed the real reason behind writing the column. “It was around the time that Candice had said on (TV show) The Back Page about there not being openers good enough to take his position. That’s when I responded,”on The Mitchell Johnson Cricket Show, via Seven.
“And I got a message from Dave, which was quite personal and I tried to ring him to talk to him about it, which I’ve always been open about with the guys.
“It was never a personal thing then — until that point (of the text message).
“That is what prompted me to write the article or part of it as well. It (was) definitely a factor.

“Some of the things that he mentioned in that message… I won’t say it because that’s up to Dave to say, if he wants to talk about it (he can). There was some stuff in there which was extremely disappointing what he said and pretty bad, to be honest. That sort of was a bit of a driver.
“And a bit with George as well. He’d sent me a message after the Lance Morris article (about Morris being rested in a Sheffield Shield game). It was just a bit condescending.
“When you receive at odd hours in the morning, it was disappointing.”
Johnson calls Bailey’s remark disgusting
Bailey in his response to Johnson’s remarks has said: “I’ve been sent little snippets of it (the article)… I hope he’s ok.”
The reply has irked Johnson more, who called it “disgusting.”
“(For Bailey) to ask if I’m OK because I’ve had mental health issues is pretty much downplaying my article and putting it on mental health, which is quite disgusting I think,” Johnson said
“I’m fine; I’m not angry, I’m not jealous — I’m just writing a piece that for me I felt like I needed to write.
“It’s basically having a dig at someone’s mental health and saying that I must have something going on (and that) a mental health issue has made me say what I’ve said. That’s not the truth.
“That’s completely the opposite. I’m actually clear-minded.
“It sort of tries to downplay the questions that I’ve asked in that article. It seems very childish from George and condescending.”

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