Momos chai to bhindi samosa: 7 fusion foods that baffled the Internet in 2023 | Trending

Every now and then, we come across food combinations that leave us appalled. From vendors mixing idlis with apples to creative minds concocting cheesy orange juice, the past year witnessed the viral spread of numerous unconventional fusion foods. As 2023 now comes towards an end, we are revisiting some of the bizarre food combinations that went viral this year. What do you think about mixing orange juice with cheese? 1. Momos chaiMomos is a beloved snack for many. However, you would never imagine mixing momos with chai, right? Well, Instagram food vlogger Kashif made this combination and left many horrified. In the video, you can see him bringing chai to a boil and mixing momos inside it. But that’s not where the experiment ends. Kashif also adds mayonnaise and schezwan sauce to it and then tastes it. Stay tuned with breaking news on HT Channel on Facebook. Join Now 2. Choco cereal with meat curryDisgusted the name of this dish? A lot of people felt the same way. This combination, created Singapore food blogger Calvin Lee, shows him mixing a bowl of choco cereal with meat curry. As he tastes it, he says, “The curry makes this cereal so much richer and flavourful compared to milk. A sweet, savoury, spicy and good way to start the day.” 3. Ghee loaded parathaA street food vendor invited a lot of criticism after he was seen cooking a paratha in a pool of ghee. Many people took to the comments section of this video to label it as a ‘heart attack paratha.’ 4. Mango pizzaWhile pineapple pizza is still a worldwide debate, mango pizza made waves this year and caused chatter on social media. This dish, which is made using mango puree as the sauce base and sliced mango for toppings, did not sit right with netizens. 5. Bhindi samosaThis fusion samosa is from Delhi’s Chandni Chowk. A video shows a classic samosa, however, instead of the typical potato filling, it is filled with cooked bhindi. Yes, you read that right. Many people took to the comments section of this video to share their apprehensions about trying this offbeat dish. 6. Mouth fresher dosaThe humble dosa got a new look with mouth fresher as a filling, and let us tell you, people were not at all happy with this creation. The video of this unusual dosa was reshared on Instagram @thekurtaguy, and originally the clip was recorded food blogger Mayur Surti. 7. Cheese orange juiceOrange juice is a staple for many. While you may mix honey or sugar in this juice, you would never think of combining it with melted cheese, or would you? A food blogger was seen mixing orange juice with cheese slices, needless to say, it baffled a lot of people. After tasting this combination, the blogger said, “Sour, sweet and milky, but not in a good way. In short, very, very disgusting.” What are your thoughts on these food combinations? Have you ever tried any?

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