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MP Police smashed terror network in 5 hrs: CM

Bhopal: Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Wednesday claimed MP Police promptly smashed terror network in five hours after IED explosion in Ujjain-Bhopal passenger train. The terrorists were influenced by ISIS, he said.
“The pipe bomb explosion, which was carried out through IED, was a trial blast. But Madhya Pradesh Police with the help of ATS and central investigating agencies smashed the terrorist network in five hours after the incident. It is a big achievement and I congratulate all departments, ATS, Hoshangabad police and central agencies for successful operation,” Chouhan told reporters on the state assembly premises, on Wednesday.

Earlier, the CM gave an official statement in the House over the terror attack and people affected by explosion in the train. He said those who orchestrated the blast arrived from Lucknow and planted the bomb in passenger train as part of a pre-planned conspiracy.

“At least 10 people were injured, three of them seriously, in IED blast in a train near Jabdi station in Shajapur. Investigations revealed terrorists were influenced by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terror ideology and it was a pre-planned conspiracy,” the CM said in the House.
The chief minister said the blast occurred at 9.41 am causing grievous injury to passengers and a loss of property to railways. After the incident, train guard Suresh Kumar Swami lodged a complaint (No. 4717) with railway police in Ujjain under Section 3-4 of Explosives Act 1908, Chouhan said.

He said police promptly sealed the border areas and senior officials reached the spot to supervise the operations, which resulted in arrest of three suspects in Pipariya. The suspects admitted to their involvement in the blast and led investigating agencies to their contacts in other parts of the country, said the chief minister.
“In last few months, terrorist groups tried to commit crimes in the state, which the police promptly foiled. Madhya Pradesh government will not allow such elements to thrive in the state and commit crime. I can assure people the government will perform its duty to provide security to all,” Chouhan said.
Later, replying to queries on influence of Uttar Pradesh elections on the blast, the chief minister said incidents like this should not be linked to politics.

Referring to the jail-break by SIMI activists and subsequent encounter in which eight men of the banned outfit were killed last year, the CM said, “Attempts were made to disturb peace, but alert state police nipped it in the bud. An act of terror won’t be allowed to take place in the state.”
State home minister Bhupendra Singh said the incident was a trial blast as terrorists planned to carry out more attacks. The terrorists had arrived in Bhopal from Lucknow and planted the bomb in Bhopal-Ujjain train, he said.

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