MP suspended from rajya sabha , reason he raised question on manipur riots !

I have been suspended from Parliament and the reason is that I asked the Prime Minister to come and answer on the violence in Manipur:Sanjay Singh

Aam Aadmi Party’s Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh, who was suspended from the Monsoon session, sat on a dharna in the Parliament premises for the entire night. With him the opposition alliance I.N.D.I.A. Many MPs and leaders were also present. Sanjay Singh took his bed in front of the Gandhi statue. He had also brought a small fan. When the sun was rising this morning, he shared a picture of himself on Twitter from near the Gandhi statue, writing, ‘Every night has a morning. Bapu’s statue in the premises of Parliament. Give justice to Manipur. Earlier: At midnight Sanjay Singh also shared the video of the song. It is heard that Sanjay Singh is singing, ‘Sar bandh kafan jo nikle, bin soche result re bhaiya.’ Along with them, leaders of Congress and other parties are also seen sitting on dharna.


Sanjay Singh said from the protest site this morning, ‘We sat here in front of the Gandhi statue the whole night yesterday. seated all day. We have only one demand from the Prime Minister that he has to answer on the violence in Manipur. If violence is going on for 80-90 days in a part of the country, which is our border state, how can the PM remain silent? Union minister, state minister’s house was burnt. Children are being murdered, women are being gang-raped. The most embarrassing picture came. Women are being paraded naked. In it, the husband of a woman has participated in the Kargil war. You imagine that a retired subedar of the army says that I saved the country by participating in the Kargil war but could not save my wife.

The only reason was…

The AAP leader has posted several videos on social media in the night. He issued a video message at midnight saying, ‘I have been suspended from Parliament and the only reason for this was that I asked the Prime Minister to come and answer on the violence in Manipur. We were giving 267 notice for three days regarding this demand. On 24th, 27 people had given notice of 267. The videos from Manipur are heart-wrenching, disturbing.

Congress said we stand together:

Rajya Sabha MP and Mahila Congress President JB Mather said today that we want to send a message that Sanjay Singh ji is not alone. The entire opposition is united. If the NDA and the government think that by suspending one of our MPs, they can threaten us, they can intimidate us, then we want to say again and again that the days will pass but our demand is that the PM should come to the Parliament and give a statement on Manipur. After that discuss in detail.

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