NHRC issues notice to Chhattisgarh govt over deaths of newborns due to ‘disruption in supply of oxygen’ at govt hospital

NEW DELHI: The National Human Rights Commission has issued a notice to Chhattisgarh government over death of four newborns at the government-run Ambedkar Hospital in Raipur, Chhattisgarh on Sunday night allegedly due to disruption in the supply of oxygen.
The Commission has asked the state government to send a detailed report in four weeks.
Subsequently, the NHRC has also directed the Secretary of union health ministry to take up the matter with every state and Union Territory so that these kind of distressing incidents could be checked.
In Raipur, police has arrested the oxygen plant operator, who was found drunk on duty.

The Commission has observed that hardly two weeks back, in a similar reported incident, about 60 infants had died at the BRD Hospital in Gorakhpur, UP.

In both the cases, human error and negligence reportedly became the cause of deaths. It seems that nothing has been learnt from that tragedy, said NHRC.

“A death whether of an infant, child or of a grown up person, causes irrevocable loss to the families. No probe, amount of monetary relief and punishment to the culprits can compensate the loss of a human life,” it said.
The Commission is of the opinion that suitable effective measures are required to be taken to address such problems. There is a need for issuance of suitable instructions to all the government run and private hospitals to ensure that such lapses do not occur.

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