Only reason Katrina wouldn’t cast me is because I am not a good human being: Ranbir

Mumbai: Call it friendship or just a promotional stunt, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s adorable banter deserves a separate film of its own. The rumoured former lovers are currently on a promotion spree for their upcoming detective drama ‘Jagga Jasoos’ that is releasing on July 14.

In a recent interview with a noted journalist, Kats was asked to describe the kind of producer Ranbir is. To which, she replied, “He is not (a good producer). In active, a producer comes, handholds the project, solves problems, gives solutions… in that sense he is not. But I don’t think he has pretended to be.”

Surprisingly, Ranbir agreed to what the actress had to say, adding, “I think the only producing job that I have done here is getting the project together. Getting Anurag Basu, Disney, that time Ronnie Screwvala was there, casting Katrina and all the talents on board, I was involved in it. Not that I didn’t want to be involved in other things but then we had dada at the helm. And towards the end, I became the sponge between dada and Disney. All the fights they were having I was sorting it.”

So is he going to wear the hat of a producer again? The answer is ‘no’. Talking about how he lacks the skills of being a good producer, Ranbir explained, “I don’t think so. I have just learnt that it is not a job or profession that I am good at. I am not good at it because my heart isn’t in it. I am very happy acting and I would enjoy directing a film. Producing is a skill set that I may not be good at. Katrina, on the other hand, will make for a good producer. She had also acquired the rights to the movie Priceless. At one point she was strongly adapting A Fault in Our Stars in a film as a director. She had written 10 scenes which were absolutely brilliant. She had narrated one but had written ten. So she has these ambitions.”

When Katrina was asked if she has any real aspirations of becoming a producer, she replied, “I do want to produce a movie someday interesting and small.”

But she has no intentions of hiring Ranbir for the job in her film. When quizzed if she would like to hire the ‘Barfi’ actor for her debut production, the actress vehemently denied the possibility, saying, “No I won’t hire him.”

To which, Ranbir immediately asked, “You wouldn’t cast me if the role really demands somebody handsome, dynamic and beautiful as me?”

Kats tackled the question like any other actor or actress in the world would—diplomatically. She answered, “I am a big believer that there is not just one right casting for the job but there are always two options.”

But Ranbir just wouldn’t let her get away with it. Adding to what he had said before her response, the Kapoor scion said, “So you just don’t like me as a human being? Basically, that is what she said! I am fairly good at my job but the only reason you wouldn’t cast me is because I am not a good human being.”

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