Pakistan’s ISI supporting terrorist groups, refugee group tells US lawmakers

Pakistan’s ISI is supporting terrorist organisations inside the country, US lawmakers were told by a newly formed Muhajir (refugee) group which alleged terror outfits like Taliban and al-Qaeda are trying to take control of the port city of Karachi.

“Nowadays, Pakistan has become a safe haven for extremist groups with full support of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI,” World Muhajir Congress said in a letter to members of The House Foreign Affairs Committee during a Congressional hearing on Afghanistan here yesterday.

Representatives of the World Muhajir Congress met members of The House Foreign Affairs Committee and briefed them on alleged strong connection between the ISI and the terrorist groups.

“We are afraid as Jihadi outfits are getting stronger with the support of ISI, important port city of Karachi which is the supply line of US and NATO could fall into the hands of these terror groups,” the letter said.

“We fear for the safety of Karachi, Muhajir Nation and especially children, as these jihadi outfits are kidnapping/abducting young poor children and turning them into suicide bombers, jihadis, and religious fanatics,” it said.

With Karachi being one of the most vital seaports of Pakistan, the letter said, “the Taliban/ISIS/AlQaeda, and like minded groups” are persistently making every endeavour to “capture the control” of this city.

“Such control can open new resources for manpower and finance for their agenda,” it said.

Alleging that pro-Taliban and Islamic extremist elements are ever increasing in Pakistan especially in Armed forces and ISI, and are heavily supported financially, physically and armoured by ISI, the World Muhajir Congress urged lawmakers to help them in fighting this menace in the port city of Karachi.

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