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Pictures of Modi-Shivraj photographs that were derived from homes found in PMH accommodation scheme

Out of the houses given under Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme (PMAY), the construction of the tiles of photographs of PM Narendra Modi and CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan of the state started. On Thursday (October 11th), the construction of the tiles in the houses of Petlawat, located in Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh, was highlighted. This action has been done after the objection expressed by the Congress. Let us tell you that on September 19, the Madhya Pradesh High Court’s Gwalior Bench ordered the removal of tiles containing photos of PM-CM from these houses.

The court granted the government a moratorium on December 20 for this purpose. With this, the High Court had made it clear that photographs of any politician should not be found inside the houses. However, the central government had earlier emphasized the need to remove the photographs of PM-CM photo tiles. At the same time, on September 18, the state government had said that the orders have been ordered to be removed.

According to government officials, a total of 234 houses were built under the PMAY scheme in Petlawad and a tile was installed in every house on which everyone had written ‘slogan to his house’. The picture of PM Modi and CM Shivraj was also made on this tile, which was mounted on the door. Not only this, one such tile was also found in the kitchen.

In April, local officials were ordered to put these tiles in the houses allocated under the scheme. But after the order of the court last month, the task of removing them is in full swing this time. The Code of Conduct has also been implemented since the issue of election schedule in the state.

Madhya Pradesh: PM Modi, CM Shivraj’s photos, order of high court to be removed from government homes
Significantly, the Congress workers had told the Election Commission (EC) to complain about these violations of the election code violation. Jhabua District Magistrate Ashish Saxena told an English newspaper about this that we are taking action due to the code of conduct being implemented.

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