‘Preach Gandhi ideals on October 2 instead of observing holiday’

NAGPUR: Values of Mahatma Gandhi should be spread among today’s youths through their parents and teachers. Instead of giving holiday on Gandhi Jayanti, schools must organize programmes to spread knowledge of Gandhi’s deeds among young children, said Thrity Patel, former head of law department in Nagpur University, here on Monday.
Patel was speaking during a programme held to mark Gandhi Jayanti by Citizens Forum for Equality (CFE) at Naivedyam Hall.
Nizamuddin Tighala, a follower of Gandhi from Chhattisgarh, was specially present for the event. Known for singing ‘bhajans’ and ‘kirtans’ on Mahatma Gandhi, Tighala presented the well-known song ‘Suno suno aye duniya walo, Bappuji ki amar kahani’, depicting life story of Gandhi to the audiences. His performance was appreciated by citizens with huge applause and ‘Mahatma Gandhi ki jai’ slogans.
Patel further said, “Where are we going with incidents like road rage, gau raksha, woman’s safety, terrorism, etc. This is not the country Gandhi imagined. Gandhi was a great advocate of ‘gau seva’, not ‘gau raksha’, even he would not have allowed violence on the name of ‘gau raksha’. Progress and development is necessary but we must never forget the values which are taught to us by Gandhi.”

Senior social worker and a follower of Gandhi, Lilatai Chitale was also present at the event. She said, “Youths of our country must read about all the dimensions of Gandhi’s life.
But they should never forget the basic values like non-violence, truth and equality.”
President of CFE Madhukar Kukde, freedom fighter Yadav Devgade, Gev Avari, Raghuvir Devgade and others were also present at the programme.

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