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Public issues put on back burner amidst Congress-BJP slugfest

BHOPAL: Even as legislators favour longer sessions of the assembly and mutual cooperation between the Treasury benches and Opposition members, the winter session of Madhya Pradesh assembly was adjourned sine die four days ahead of its schedule, focusing only on supplementary budget and bill on IPC amendment against gang rape, while other important issues were ignored.
Sources said that the Opposition and ruling parties colluded against the common will to divert the discussion and left other important issues that were to be raised or addressed in the house.

Objecting to the adjournment of the session, Congress members alleged that there were a host of issues like malnutrition, farmers’ plight and problems in getting justified price, poor road conditions, ‘drought’ in 35 districts, Vyapam scam, flaws in mining policy, inflation, overspending on buying onions and other issues which were ignored.
“The ruling party strategy was to complete its business by clearing supplementary budget and passing controversial bills, but topics affecting the masses were ignored. The session was also adjourned ahead of its schedule which smells dubious,” said Congress MLA Bala Bachchan. He said the government in an answer has disclosed to have spent Rs 800 crore on the purchase of 7.5 lakh quintal rotten onions. For this, rent paid on transportation and storage was exorbitant. There were irregularities and lacunas in the Bhawantar scheme, too.

“Some of the crops with a meager production have been included in the list, while cotton which comes as the cash crop for many farmers, was kept outside the scheme. During the Congress regime, farmers had sold cotton at Rs 8,000 per quintal,” claimed Bachchan, adding, “Now, they are suffering.” Congress leaders also allege that the replies to so many queries raised by them in the house were false and baseless. They would lodge a complaint with the competent authority against the erroneous replies.
BJP leaders though, refute Congress allegations saying Opposition leaders were involved in personal attacks and baseless issues. They raised the topic related to protocol which was uncalled for and also attacked on ministers demanding their expulsion without any serious issue. “The Opposition has nothing to discuss and were involved in mudslinging. They were trying to raise baseless issues. So, it was a right decision to adjourn the session and save public money.” said revenue minister Umashankar Gupta.

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