Rakesh Roshan On Krrish 4: ‘We Have Got A Gem Of Idea’

Hrithik Roshan’s blind man act in Kaabil which hit the silver screens last week is doing quite well at the box office despite going through many trials and tribulations and clashing with Shahrukh Khan starrer Raees.

In an interview with Pinkvilla, when Rakesh Roshan was asked to spill some details about any recent developments of the superhero franchise, he said, “We’ve got a gem of an idea in my mind and we’re working on it. Once Kaabil is over when my mind is traffic free, then I will start thinking about Krrish 4 and we will definitely go ahead.”

Meanwhile, a couple of days back there were rumours that Hrithik would be directing Krrish 4. However the filmmaker refuted those rumours and said, “No, not at all.” When quizzed if the film’s release date has been finalized, Roshan Sr said, “Nothing is fixed. Till I don’t fix my script, I will not fix up any date now.”
Guess we will have to wait for sometime to hear the official announcement. Till then, keep watching this space for more exciting details.

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