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Report of the Congress’s non-confidence motion against Shivraj Sarkar

Bhopal. Congress MLA’s party against Shivraj Sarkar on Wednesday gave a notice of no confidence motion in the assembly.

Leader of the Opposition Ajay Singh reached the assembly in the morning and informed him of the motion of no confidence motion to Chief Secretary Vidhan Sabha Awadhesh Pratap Singh. None of the Congress legislators was present to inform the motion of no confidence, only the leader of the opposition was there. Leader of the Opposition feared that the government could end the session prematurely to avoid discussions on the proposal.

The Leader of the Opposition asked Chief Secretary Singh that how many small sessions have been called so far, he told about such sessions since 1986. 23 to 26 June 1986, 17 to 21 December 1990, 7 to 11 July 2008 and 16 to 20 March 2009 were four to six days. The Chief Secretary of VIS said that in a five-day session, discussions on non-confidence motion can be fulfilled.

Leader of the Opposition alleged that the government has started conspiring like 2013. The last time a legislator had taken with me and this time my family is being used. He has described the libel imposed by the mother (Saroj Kumari) as a part of this conspiracy.

This is the process of motion

– The vote of confidence of ten percent members of the House is in favor of the non-confidence motion.

– At least two days after handing the charge sheet, it is necessary to give time to CM or related ministers and power to answer.

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