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When a Russian woman discovered a ba black panther stranded the roadside, she instinctively picked it up, making it for a domestic cat. Her compassionate act of rescuing the panther has since captured the attention of social media, with a video of the incident going viral. Woman with the black panther. (Instagram/@luna_the_pantera.) The video opens to show the woman picking up the panther and taking it home to take care of it. As the animal starts growing, she realises that it is, in fact, a black panther. The video further shows the bond between the woman, the panther, and a pet dog. (Also Read: Cat’s hilarious reaction to man cleaning windows will make you chuckle) This video was shared on Instagram the user @factmayor. It was initially uploaded @luna_the_pantera. Watch the video of the woman raising the black panther here: This post was shared on September 21. Since being shared, it has garnered more than 9.1 million views. The share also has numerous likes and comments. Many people were left stunned the video.Here’s what people are saying about the woman and the panther:An individual wrote, “Bless you for bringing up Luna. Hope the three of you live a very happy life together.”A second said, “Imagine breaking into a house thinking the worst you could find is a guard dog, then you are face to face with a panther.””That’s kinda awesome,” expressed a third.A fourth said, “Thank you for saving this for ba!”A fifth commented, “Wonderful! So nice to see the bonding. Stay happy together.”

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