Jyotiraditya Scindia questions 12-year celebrations

BHOPAL: Congress MP from Guna Jyotiraditya Scindia on Wednesday fired not one but 11 questions at chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, asking him why his government is celebrating his 12 years in office.
In a series of tweets on Wednesday evening, Scindia targeted Chouhan and the BJP government on issues spanning from farmers’ suicides to corruption and infant mortality. “Please tell us, why you are celebrating completion of 12 years? In 2016, 63 infants died every day and within a year, the number of malnourished children multiplied three times to 26,000,” he tweeted. “Eleven patients died for lack of oxygen in MY Hospital in Indore and infant mortality is highest in the country — who is responsible?” he asked.
In another tweet, the party’s chief whip in the Lok Sabha said that farmers of Madhya Pradesh are compelled to “throw their produce on the roads”. “Increase in cost of production, stagnant minimum support price, falling rates at mandis and no immediate payment if agricultural produce is sold. Is Bhavantar whirlpool an armour for farmers or conspiracy to fester the wounds of farmers?” he wondered.

In a direct question to the chief minister, the Congress leader said, “You say farmers are happy. Yet, in the same state, during an agricultural crisis the victim farmer is called an anti-social?” He said police fired on protesting farmers in Mandsaur, kisans were stripped and beaten in Tikamgarh, and in Narsinghpur agriculturists painted the walls of the collectorate with their blood.
Continuing his attack on Chouhan, the MP tweeted, “In the heart of India, a farmer commits suicide every five hours. In the past 16 years, 21,000 farmers ended their lives. Do you see their agony or is this the stark truth behind Krishi Karman Award winning state?” In other tweets, he accused the BJP government of corruption in Vyapam and Simhastha kumbh preparations.
Scindia tweeted that children in Madhya Pradesh are “studying in cowsheds and toilets” with no teachers in schools. There are 17,874 schools with just one teacher. “What has @ChouhanShivraj done for education in 12 years?” he asked. He targeted Chouhan for his statement on roads in Washington, the increasing incidents of crimes against women and the girl child.
“Madhya Pradesh has 14 lakh unemployed persons of whom 13 lakh are educated. In three months 15 lakh persons lost their jobs after demonetisation and MP chief minister claims it has generated employment. Situation is such that law and order, health, security and economy — all have been adversely affected by the BJP government,” he added in another tweet.

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