Shivraj Chouhan & Cong plunge into battleground Chitrakoot

CHITRAKOOT: “Never in my life have I seen another election like this,” muses 74-year-old farmer Siddha Gopal Sahu of Baraha village in Chitrakoot. “Everyone from the chowkidaar to chief minister is wooing voters.”
Election in Chitrakoot is never a dull affair. But the stakes are particularly high for the November 9 bypoll as it comes exactly a year ahead of the assembly election.
And farmers are the heart of the battle, with Congress already trying to put BJP on the mat on the Bhawantar Bhugtan Yojana. As the countdown to the last 72 hours of campaigning started, chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan took the lead for BJP.
On Sunday, he launched a road show to canvass for BJP candidate Shankardayal Tripathi and is set to address a whopping 18 public meetings and 68 “nukkad” gatherings in 80 villages.

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