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Shivraj said, ‘I do not sleep in the public’s concern, and the Congress sleep has come because of me’

Bhopal: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan addressed five election meetings in Balaghat, Narsinghpur and Damoh district on Wednesday. In these meetings, he made simple targets for the Congress. In the meetings of Vaasivi and Baher, Shivraj said, ‘I do not sleep in the public concern and the sleep of the Congress is due to me.’ In Damoh, Shivraj said, “Today, we made good roads in the state, gave better power, gave security, gave prosperity to the farmers, and our development is Congress anger. He said that Jaira has lagged behind in the race of development and Congress has done work for destruction, but not for development.

Kamal Nath is scaring people here, Shivraj told Congress as Hindustan’s biggest communal party, “Kamal Nath is scaring people. They say that the Congress will eat if the Congress does not vote. Congressmen are now talking about forgiving the debt of farmers, they should be asked why did they not forgive the farmers’ debt in Karnataka and Punjab?

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