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Shivraj’s green flag in BJP’s politics

Indore Forest minister Prakash Sonkar’s 11th death anniversary on June 23 A memorial is organized every year, in which for the first time Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has given a green signal. After this the Sanghar has come under attack in BJP’s politics. Supporters prepared to show strength, for which the meetings are underway.
During his tour of Jhabua district with his charge, Forest Minister Prakash Sonkar was killed by heart attack. After this, Sawana Sonkar, the nephew on the death anniversary, organizes the remembrance ceremony. Until two years ago, Gitanjali was organized, in which the famous singers of the country used to perform. Last year’s event was given the form of a poet conference, in which Hariom Panwar and Relief Indore attended. This time there is also a two-day event. On 23rd June, the All India Poet Conference will be held in the Basketball Complex. In this, Rakesh Kavya Satyanarayan Sattan, film songwriter Santosh Anand, Pradeep Choubey, Jagdish Solanki, Surendra Yadavwandar, Bhuvan Mohini and Mukesh Maulava will present the presentation.
For the first time Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan will be included as the chief guest. As soon as his approval is received, the stir in the BJP’s politics has increased sharply. Prakash Sonkar’s fanatical supporter and the help of Savan has come in the ground with full force. The rounds of meetings at Panchayat level have begun. There is a lot of preparation for gathering in the crowd. In a way the power will be displayed. Arrangements of buses are also being raised in this regard, so that there is no discomfort for those coming. On June 24, students of the blind, dull and orphanages will be provided education and food in the Rituraj Manglik complex.

Presentations made
Many of the musicians from the world of music have performed in the program of Gitanjali. It was started from the hymns of Anup Jalota. Later, Anuradha Paval, Pankaj Udas, Hansraj Hans, Nitin Mukesh, Amit Kumar, Sadhna Sagam joined.

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