Skincare alert: Things home remedies will (and not) help with

Taking care of your skin requires dedicated and consent efforts. While many opt for skincare products to solve their skin woes, others rely on various home remedies that have been passed down to them through generations.
But, are they really effective? According to dermatolog Dr Aanchal Panth, “they do not correct any issue and will not reduce dark spots or improve skin quality”.
However, that doesn’t mean that home remedies won’t do any good to your skin. The expert shared ways in which they can be beneficial.

*Fruits packs help mourise the skin.*Application of ice and cold cucumber depuffs the skin.*To reduce redness, you can apply aloe vera or ice.*Items such as gram flour, crushed orange peels, walnut, and coffee scrub help physically exfoliate the skin.

What home remedies won’t do?
According to Dr Panth, here’s what home remedies for skin won’t help with.
You can’t treat blackheads or whiteheads with home remedies (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)
*Treat acne, blackheads or whiteheads*Treat melasma*Reduce dark spots*Increase collagen formation*Protect from sun*Improve sensitive skin*Treat any skin growth*Treat skin allergies

Despite the fact that these home remedies can’t bring about a significant change in your skin, they continue to be popular because “they give a feel-good factor”, the expert believes.
She said, “It’s inexpensive and accessible. Also, when you apply a face pack, you are relaxed and taking a break. This, itself, makes your skin looks better.”
Dr Navya Handa, Dermatolog, Cosmetolog and Laser surgeon, Primus Super Speciality Hospital said that when it comes to employing home remedies for skin, there are a few things to keep in mind. “To begin with, everyone’s skin is unique, so what works for one person may not work for another. Second, some home treatments may have insufficient scientific data to demonstrate their efficacy. Third, new substances must be patch tested to rule out any negative responses. Finally, before attempting any home cure, visit a dermatolog, especially if you have a pre-exing skin disease or are concerned about potential hazards or complications. Also, always patch test to check for reaction/allergy,” she said.
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