Snake tries to bite a man’s head after he picks her eggs. Watch | Trending

A video depicting a man collecting snake eggs has gained widespread attention on social media. What’s even more astonishing is the unexpected encounter with the snake, which has left many viewers amazed. Snake bites man after he was seen picking her eggs. The video was shared on Instagram zoo keeper Jay Brewer. It opens to show a snake laying eggs under a table. Then Brewer comes near it and picks up a bunch of eggs to add it in a crate. As he is doing that, the snake tries to bite its head twice. However, fortunately, Brewer is not hurt it. (Also Read: Snake catcher rescues reptile from empty can, warns people against littering) In the caption of the post, Brewer wrote, “This giant snake mama waited for the perfect moment to strike! She’s usually one of our sweetest snakes. But moms don’t play about their babies, no matter the species.” Watch the video of the snake here: This post was shared two days ago. Since being posted, it has received more than 34 million views. The post also has numerous likes and comments. Check out what people are saying about the clip here:An individual wrote, “I was about to say I’m surprised she didn’t attack to begin with.” A second said, “A mother defends her children anyway, especially if they are in danger.” “My soul would’ve left my body,” posted a third. A fourth commented, “She’s upset about her kids.”

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