Story of sailor Preethi Kongara leaves Anand Mahindra ‘overwhelmed’ | Trending

Anand Mahindra often shares tweets about the achievements of people from various walks of life. Those posts leave others inspired. Just like his latest share about sailor Preethi Kongara from Telangana. He re-tweeted a Twitter thread that documents her journey of becoming the Captain of India’s Sailing Team.Manoj Kumar, CEO of NGO Naandi Foundation, shared a thread about Kongara. “This is one of the most inspiring stories I have read in recent times. What are the chances that a grade 8 girl in a government school living in a low income community in Hyderabad who has never put foot in a water body… to be Captain of India’s Sailing Team?” he tweeted. While replying to his own post, he added, “Meet Preeti Kongara of Nallakunta Govt school whom Team @naandi_india selected from Project @NanhiKali in 2016 & brought to @Suheim to teach her sailing. Today, she’s India No 1 in the Olympic Mixed Double 470 Class of boat. Sports is a poverty breaker.”Anand Mahindra re-shared the thread on Twitter and posted how the story left him “overwhelmed.” He tweeted, “This is truly a ‘Rise’ story. I’m overwhelmed reading about her. So proud of @naandi_india & @NanhiKali for supporting her. And of @suheim for coaching her. Maybe when Preeti has the time, I’d love to meet her and go sailing on my catamaran so she can coach me!”Take a look at the posts:

Since being shared, Anand Mahindra’s tweet has received close to 82,000 views. It has also accumulated close to 600 likes. People posted various comments while reacting to the tweet.Here’s how Twitter users reacted:“Great success story,” wrote a Twitter user. “Such a noble gesture and so much humility,” commented another. “Proud of you,” expressed a third.

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