Swara Bhaskar Responds Angrily To Kamaal R Khan’s ‘Unasked Filth’ About Her New Film Anarkali Of Aarah

A typically rude tweet from self-styled film critic Kamaal R Khan provoked an angry retort from actress Swara Bhaskar, whose film KRK dismissed in the most unflattering terms. On Monday, filmmaker Karan Johar tweeted a poster of new film Anarkali Of Aarah, starring Swara. The eye-catching poster, featuring the actress striking a pose in a colourful outfit, was shared several times over and swiftly began trending. Everyone was impressed, except one person. In a tweet addressed to Mr Johar, KRK, delivering his verdict unsolicited, predicted that the film would be a ‘super duper disaster of the year coz KRK says so.’ The slight did not pass unchallenged. Swara Bhaskar reacted promptly, describing the ‘unasked filth’ KRK tweets as a ‘character certificate.’

Here is KRK’s tweet:

Karan Johar ✔ @karanjohar
Well done @ReallySwara for constantly breaking ground!! 24th march is the date guys ! For this new world and engaging film!!! pic.twitter.com/3zmuUvOIrO
KRK ✔ @kamaalrkhan
Sir @karanjohar it will not be a flop or washout, but it will be super duper disaster of the year coz KRK says so. https://twitter.com/karanjohar/status/833557981841223682 …
11:38 AM – 20 Feb 2017
16 16 Retweets 129 129 likes

Here is Swara Bhaskar’s response:

Swara Bhaskar ✔ @ReallySwara
Kuch logon ki gaali, compliment hoti hai! 🙂 Thanks @kamaalrkhan the unasked filth u spew is a character certificate for us! 🙏🏿 Appreciated. https://twitter.com/kamaalrkhan/status/833558877245435904 …
1:53 PM – 20 Feb 2017
375 375 Retweets 712 712 likes

Kamaal R Khan, a troll if ever there was one, is usually ignored by the celebrities he insults on Twitter. Every so often, someone will post a lacerating tweet back – Sonakshi Sinha has, and so have Parineeti Chopra and Lisa Haydon.

Last year, KRK received an unexpected stamp of legitimacy when he briefly became the fulcrum of the box office clash between Karan Johar’s film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay. Months ahead of the release of the films in October, Ajay Devgn tweeted a recording of a phone conversation between KRK and Ajay’s producer. In it, KRK claimed he had been paid to tweet favourably about Karan Johar’s film. He later clarified that Mr Johar had not paid him, that he had said what he did only to end the conversation, and that it was Ajay’s producer who had offered to pay.

Swara Bhaskar, star of films such as Tanu Weds Manu, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Nil Battey Sannata, plays the title character in Anarkali Of Aarah, a feisty singer from Bihar. The film releases in March.

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