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Temjen Imna Along, Nagaland’s miner of tribal affairs often makes tweets that showcase the culture of Nagaland. One can find many interesting tweets and videos where he introduces several traditions from the state. Recently, the miner shared a video that shows the stone-pulling ceremony from Nagaland. The video begins with a group of members of the Angami Naga tribe, a group known for performing the ceremony. In the ceremony, peoplepulla massive stone as a few members of the community standatop the stone.The post’s caption read, “You can google “Stone Pulling Ceremony in Nagaland.” Thank me later.”Take a look at the video shared Temjen Imna Along here:
गलत मत समझो ये ‘…. …. यात्रा’ नहीं 😬You can google “Stone Pulling Ceremony in Nagaland”.Thank me later😉 pic.twitter.com/d3NbHjFc24— Temjen Imna Along (@AlongImna) November 22, 2022
This video was shared two back. Since being shared, it has been viewed 83,000 times and has 9000 likes and several comments.One person in the Twitter comments added, “Most of the Indian villages are blessed with a unique culture. Especially in Northeast, most of them are still alive. We salute them.” A second person added, “Thanks for sharing the festival’s photo. Now the world will know Nagaland’s culture.” A third person added, “Very much awesome, sir; keep educating about the heart of Northeast India to rest of our great India.”

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