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The biggest gift for the traders of the Shivraj government till now, the wave of happiness in the traders

Gwalior / Bhind In the new agricultural produce market, the process of allocating land for shops to street traders has begun. 25 businessmen have registered and deposited the tender amount. The land for the shop will be given on lease of 30 years. The fare will also be determined by the board of the board. All shopkeepers have to allocate 600 square feet of land.

6 months ago it was transformed from Etawah Road to Gali Mandi Bharololi Road on the Thirahai new Mandi. Due to lack of warehouse, the traders had to be forced to keep the garlands in open ground after the purchase. During the rainy season in May-June, a large amount of merchandise was wasted and wasted. Since then, demand for land allotment was being sought from the traders. The Mandi administration has started the process of land allocation.

Based on the auction, the traders have been registered with the deposits of Rs 2.43 to 2.50 lakhs. Monthly rent will be determined from the mandi board by giving land 30 years on lease. Based on the map of the board at 600 square feet, traders will have to build godown. Officials say that the rent for warehouses will be upwards of two thousand.

Start of process

Process of warehouse-shop allocation has been started for activist gulla businessmen. After approval, the rent should be determined by the board. Technical approval will be given by the Deputy Director Market Board and the Executive Engineer. The land that the merchants are not purchasing will not be allocated.
RC Jatav, Secretary, Agricultural Produce Market, Bhand

Businessmen who do not do business will not get land

Number of merchants registered in Agricultural Produce Market is 167. Out of these, 50 shopkeepers have not done business of a single penny after the registration, neither has the license been renewed. According to the Collector Guidelines, such traders will not be allotted land for the warehouse. Out of the 117 traders left out, 25 are in the process of allocation. The remaining 92 traders will be allotted land next time.

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