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Are you someone who loves reading books? Then it could be possible that you wish to have a library. Many book lovers keep their piles of novels in cupboards or display them on their shelves. But in all these things, nothing beats the joy of having a library. Now, if you wish to have the same, this couple’s collection is about to stun you.Twitter user Kathleen O’Neal Gear, an American archaeolog, and writer, shared personal pictures from his library and revealed that he is 32,000 books. In the post’s caption, he said, “Our personal library has about 32,000 books. I guess other people bought cars and boats…” she wrote.”The pictures show various shelves and thousands of books neatly kept in them.Take a look at the post here:

Isn’t that amazing? This post was shared one day ago on the microblogging platform. Since being shared, it has been liked 38,000 people and has several comments.Take a look at some of the reactions here:One person in the Twitter comments section said, “This is truly incredible.” A second person added, “And here I am thinking I have a lot at 3,281. I am in awe. And I know what it is to pack and move them, but TEN TIMES, that number? Whew!” “Can I live with you guys? I’ll take care of them. I promise! I just want to.. be with the books. All of the books! I can pay rent, and take care of the books; you’ll never even know I’m there,” said a third.

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