Three arrested for trading beef in Chhattisgarh

RAIPUR: Three persons were arrested in Jashpur district for suspected beef trafficking racket when they were found carrying beef in large number including arrest of a buyer of the meat.
The alleged accused had brought nearly 80 kilograms of beef stuffed in large drums from Odisha and was selling it in Narayanpur region of Jashpur when locals rounded them up and informed police.
According to Anita Prabhaminj, the inspector in charge of Narayanpur police station, the main accused Sarfaraz Hussain accompanied with his aide Gulab Mehli from Bandega region of Odisha were caught red-handed transporting beef from Nandotoli Kurmura village on a tip off from local residents.
The duo had come from Odisha to sell beef in large quantity in Jashpur in a van with a drum full of beef. They had packed packets of one kilogram each and stuffed in a huge drum.

Local residents found something suspicious and went as customers to inquire if it was beef. When the duo accused revealed that they were selling beef, they were rounded up and beaten badly by a mob who later reported the matter to police.
The accused confessed to the crime and also informed about people who bought beef. Minj said that police raided few houses of villagers and found only one person in possession of beef at his home.

He was also arrested and was identified as Pascal Minj. The meat seized was then taken to Vet to verify if it was beef and it was found to be true.
The three accused were arrested under Section 5,6, 10 of Chhattisgarh Agriculture cattle Preservation Act 2004.

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