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There are TikTok trends that border on being risky or turn out to be downright dangerous. From ditching the shampoo, which can lead to scalp infection, to inhaling toxic fumes, which can have a fatal outcome, these trends raise serious concern among parents, experts or authorities about the safety of TikTokers participating in them. The split image shows two viral and dangerous TikTok challenges. Door knock challenge (left) and freckle tattoos (right). (Screengrab) We have collected five dangerous trends on TikTok that people should know about. These trends have the potential to cause severe physical and emotional dress. Hindustan Times – your fastest source for breaking news! Read now. 1. Door Knock ChallengeA new take on the game ding-dong ditch or knock-a-door run, this challenge sees teens banging and kicking on doors in the middle of the night. The Friendswood Police Department warned against this trend and shared how this trend can cause serious issues. 2. ChromingThis dangerous TikTok challenge has claimed the lives of kids. Under this challenge, TikTokers film themselves while inhaling toxic fumes. 3. No-shampoo trendAs the name suggests, this trend is about ditching shampoo to wash one’s hair. Instead, people are using alternate methods or simply using water. As per experts, this trend, especially on the rise among teen boys or young men, can “cause dandruff, stunted hair growth, irritation in the scalp, and, in some extreme cases, deteriorating scalp problems”. The image shows an individual who took part in the viral TikTok trend No-shampoo. (Instagram/@matthew_reaney06) 4. Go Barefoot EverywhereThe rise of the barefoot lifestyle faces medical warnings as experts open up about the dangers of walking shoeless in various public settings. The foot scene from Margot Robbie’s hit film Barbie inspired this trend and prompted people to walk barefoot. Doctors warn that there is a high chance of getting hurt when walking without shoes. This practice can cause serious wounds or infections. 5. Freckle tattoosPeople get freckle tattoos to mimic the natural appearance of the small brown spots on one’s face caused sun exposure. It is a safe cosmetic procedure if a professional performs it in a secure environment. However, some TikTokers took matters into their own hands and tried to achieve this result at home – which caused it to take a dangerous turn. While attempting this trend, some people hurt themselves and ended up in hospital with severe complications – and thousands of dollars in bills.

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