Try this ‘best Ayurvedic coolant’ to relieve thirst, burning sensation, indigestion, and abdominal pain

During summer, it is common to experience thirst, indigestion, abdominal pain, and often, a burning sensation. These symptoms can be attributed to various factors, including dehydration, heat, and changes in diet. As such, it is important to stay hydrated drinking an adequate amount of water throughout the day. Additionally, consuming light and easily digestible meals can help alleviate indigestion and abdominal discomfort. However, if these symptoms pers, you can also try an effective Ayurvedic coolant – dhanyak hima.
Wondering what it is? Dhanyak hima is actually a cold infusion of coriander seeds. “When had in the morning with a little rock sugar or just plain, it helps you relieve burning sensations in any part of your body (hot flushes, burning urination, burning in hands and feet, acidity, etc). It even relieves excessive thirst and makes you feel satiated,” Dr Dixa Bhavsar, an Ayurveda expert, wrote on Instagram, adding that this simple drink also cleanses and detoxes all bodily channels.

Here’s how you can make this Ayurvedic cooling drink, as per Dr Dixa.
*Take one part of crushed coriander seeds. (25 gms)*Add six parts of water. (150 ml)*Keep it covered overnight or for 8 hours.*Next morning, strain and mix with a little quantity of rock sugar and have it on an empty stomach.
The expert suggested drinking 40-50 ml of this concoction in the morning on an empty stomach along with half a teaspoon of rock sugar. “It can also be taken in a dosage of 10 to 30 ml, 2-3 times a day. It can be taken for a period of 6-8 weeks,” she said.
According to Dr Dixa, dhanyak hima is great for acidity, fever, thyroid, diabetes, pregnant women, nausea, burning sensation, migraine, detox, abdominal ache, headache, immunity, inflammation, excessive thirst, fatigue, menopause, hot flashes, excessive sweat, and worm infestation.

Rajinder Dhamija, Ayurveda Expert and Founder, Dharishah Ayurveda added that dhanyak hima is particularly beneficial during summer as it helps quench thirst and alleviates elevated pitta conditions and burning sensations. “Drinking dhanyak hima in the morning offers a range of benefits. It is beneficial for various lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, indigestion, hormonal imbalance, acidity, excessive bleeding, and excessive thirst. It acts as an excellent Ayurvedic detox drink. Regular consumption in the morning can also help boost immunity, improve brain health, enhance digestive health, and provide significant relief from skin ailments.”
The expert said that incorporating this drink into your daily diet can aid in weight loss, improve kidney function, and prevent urinary infections. “Additionally, dhanyak hima aids in detoxification eliminating impurities from the body. Coriander leaves, which are a key ingredient, contain a high concentration of vitamins A, C, E, and carotenoids, promoting eye health,” Dhamija said.
However, individuals with low blood pressure or those taking medications to lower blood pressure should avoid consuming dhanyak hima. “Additionally, it is advisable to refrain from consuming it before undergoing any surgical procedures as it may interfere with blood sugar regulation during surgery,” the Ayurvedic expert said.
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