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There are several kinds of brain teasers that leave us scratching our heads. And if you happen to be someone who likes to solve such puzzles, we have a puzzle for you. Here you need to use your basic reasoning skills to solve it. Are you up for the challenge? This puzzle was shared on Instagram. This brain teaser was shared the Instagram page @mathspuzzles. It says, “Apples, strawberries, and mangoes are arranged on a platter in such a way that opposite sectors contain fruits which are of equal value. If the total number of Apples is 7, mangoes are 3 and strawberries are 12. Stay tuned with breaking news on HT Channel on Facebook. Join Now What fruits can be placed in the empty sector?” Take a look at this brain teaser here: This brain teaser was shared a while ago on Instagram. Since being posted, it has garnered numerous likes and comments. Several took to the comments section of the post and wrote that the correct answer is “4 apples and 3 strawberries.” Earlier, another puzzle had taken social media storm. The question states, “IQ testing, 95% will fail- if 1+1=9, 2+4=15, 3+3=21 then what is the value of 4+4?” https://www.hindustantimes.com/trending/think-you-have-a-good-iq-try-solving-this-brain-teaser-101701433834339-amp.html

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