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While most of us would instinctively flee at the sight of a snake, this remarkable woman exhibits a fearless attitude toward reptiles. A video circulating on social media captures her courageously rescuing a snake from a godown, all without any protective gear. Since this clip was shared, it has gone viral with millions of views. Snapshot of the woman carrying snake with her bare hands. The video begins with the woman confidently cradling the snake in her hand. As she skillfully removes it from the godown, standers exchange astonished glances. Towards the video’s end, she expertly places the snake inside a secure container. (Also Read: Man rescues snake hiding behind a picture frame. Watch) This video was shared on Instagram user Shweta Sutar. Watch the video of the woman taking out the snake here: This post was shared on September 12. Since being shared, it has gone viral with close to three million views. The share also has several likes and comments. Many people were stunned to see the woman bravely carrying and rescuing the snake. Several even applauded her work.Here’s what people are saying about this snake rescue video:An individual wrote, “Omg! How are you even holding that thing in your hand. My soul would have left my body. I wouldn’t make it past just looking at that snake. The goosebumps haven’t left my body yet. This isn’t for faint hearted.”A second commented, “It seems to be a non-venomous rat snake. Otherwise it is extremely dangerous to cover the tube with a hand.”“That’s a rat snake non venomous and very commonly found around Maharashtra, but being a girl kudos to her,” expressed a third.A fourth shared, “Hat’s off to your brave work.”“The snake seems to be scared of you. What are you? A snake Goddess?” joked another.Many others have reacted to the video using clapping emojis. What are your thoughts on this viral clip?

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