Vodafone’s Challenge to Reliance Jio, Airtel: 1GB of 4G Data at Rs. 150, 4GB at Rs. 250

To give rivals Reliance Jio and Airtel tough competition in the ongoing telecom war, Vodafone has launched a new offer that provides prepaid 4G users with four times the data benefits without raising the prices of the data recharge packs. This means the Vodafone Rs. 150 data pack will offer 1GB of data a month, Rs. 250 pack will provide 4GB data, and Rs. 1,500 data pack will give 35GB of data a month. Vodafone’s move is just one more amongst the numerous reactions by established telecom operators to compete with new entry Reliance Jio.

The 4X data packs can be purchased via digital channels as well as all retail touch points, Vodafone says. Prices for the new Vodafone 4X data packs may vary from circle. The 4X data benefits can be enjoyed at any time of day, but only when connected to the Vodafone network.

To give prepaid Vodafone subscribers an idea of the price difference between the old data packs and the new data packs, the company said customers who used to buy 1GB and 10GB 4G data packs earlier can now buy 4GB and 22GB data packs at similar rates, correspondingly. It is for this reason that Vodafone is terming these data packs as 4X data packs.

With this offer, the 1GB Vodafone 4G data pack now costs Rs. 150, the 4GB data pack now costs Rs. 250, and the 6GB data pack now costs Rs. 350. Similarly, Vodafone’s 4G pack with 9GB data now costs Rs. 450, the 13GB data pack now costs Rs. 650, the 22GB data pack now costs Rs. 999, while the 35GB data pack now costs Rs. 1,500.

Commenting on the launch, Sandeep Kataria, Chief Commercial Officer, Vodafone India said, “Our customers are consuming more of content and video online. With these super rich data packs, our rapidly growing base of 4G customers across 17 circles can enjoy much more of mobile Internet while remaining confidently connected on Vodafone SuperNet 4G. It will also encourage first time and limited users of mobile Internet to explore more by providing greater value. They can access four times more of their favourite content online for the same cost in a truly worry free manner. “

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