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Almost every month a new trend takes social media storm. Recently, a new food trend has gone viral on TikTok- butter candles. At first glance, the name suggests it could be a type of scented candle but in reality, it is a creative recipe for edible candles made out of (you guessed it right) butter. So far the term “butter candle” has generated 56.9 million views on TikTok, with a ton of videos various users sharing their take on the recipe. However, experts warn that one make can turn a perfectly good recipe hazardous to health. Viral butter candle trend on TikTok(TikTok/ @erin_dittmer/@cookingwithbello) Viral TikTok trend – Butter Candle(TikTok) Are butter candles safe? Here’s what experts sayIn light of the recent trend which is taking TikTok storm, experts have expressed their concerns over the choice of wick. As the recipe for butter candles is complete with a wick coated in butter or ghee (clarified butter), experts warn that netizens should make sure to use “edible” wicks only. Stay tuned with breaking news on HT Channel on Facebook. Join Now Click to join. This is because the wicks used in candles are unfit for culinary purposes. According to Delish, Churn Foods founder and chef Michael Tashman said, “The main concern with putting together a butter candle is the wick.” “Most wicks are made of cotton or wood, with some even having a metal core, which aren’t ideal to accidentally eat as you may have a little bit (or a lot) of indigestion on your hands,” Tashman added. If you are wondering about what kind of wick would be suitable for butter candles, “edible wicks made of organic hemp and beeswax” which can be easily purchased from “Amazon or a craft store,” are your “best bet” according to Tashman. How to make butter candles? A TikTok user and chef who goes the username Feel Good Foodie shared an easy recipe to make butter candles. In the video, she demonstrates the steps involved in making the candle. She reveals that the dish can be used as a “fun appetiser.” Viral butter candle recipe Feel Good Foodie on TikTok(TikTok/@feelgoodfoodie) The video caption reads, “Make a butter candle for your next party. AD It’s so easy to make with just a paper cup, candle wick and #danishcreamery Rosemary Salt Butter, which is made with rich, European-quality butter and specialty herbs and salts. It’s a slightly elevated butter, perfect for charcuterie and grazing boards, snacking, or in your favorite recipes. Would you try this fun viral trend? #danishsaltedsticks #danishcreamery #viralrecipeideas #buttercandle.”

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