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A passenger travelling from Delhi to Mumbai on an IndiGo flight was in for a nightmare after the airline lost the cushion on her wheelchair. X user Virali Modi detailed her ordeal on the microblogging platform. Since being posted, it has caught the attention of many. IndiGo took 30 minutes to bring the woman her personal wheelchair. (REUTERS) Modi shares that she has been paralysed from the wa down since 2006 and uses a wheelchair for mobility. When the flight landed and people started to deplane, the cabin crew ‘forgot’ that she was still sitting in her seat, and when the cleaning crew came later, that’s when the flight attendants rushed to arrange for a wheelchair. Stay tuned with breaking news on HT Channel on Facebook. Join Now Modi also says that she had to wait 40 minutes after everyone deplaned. She further stated, “A helper from IndiGo had come to ass me, and he was negligent as well. My legs were stiff, but he kept on pushing the aisle chair. As soon as I arrived at the baggage claim, my wheelchair was nowhere to be seen. My fellow passengers had already collected their luggage and were leaving the airport. I had to wait another 30 minutes for my personal wheelchair because no one had bothered to bring it up from the aircraft. Moving forward, I reached my car and the helper kept removing my personal wheelchair’s cushion. I kept telling him that it was mine but he didn’t len.” (Also Read: ‘2 hours late, no seats’: IndiGo passenger shares ordeal on X, airline reacts) When Modi reached home, she realised that her cushion had gone missing. “After arriving home, I was on hold with Indigo’s customer care for 55 minutes until someone attended my call and took cognisance of my issue. The only resolution they had was to send an e-mail. No one was apologetic about my ordeal nor did they want to find a resolution. Right now, I am left stranded on my bed with my independence stolen Indigo and their carelessness. I cannot sit in my wheelchair without my cushion. Even though I have a disability, Indigo has left me disabled in the truest sense,” wrote Modi. At the end of her tweets, Modi informed that she was finally able to get in touch with the airline. “UPDATE: I’m in touch with IndiGo. They’re specifically making a customisable cushion according to the specifications of my wheelchair and they’ll be delivering it either tonight or tomorrow,” she wrote. (Also Read: IndiGo responds after passenger finds seat cushion missing on Pune-Nagpur flight) Take a look at her full post here: She shared about this incident on X on December 7. Since being posted, it has gone viral with eight lakh views. The share also has more than 5,000 likes and numerous comments. Check out what people are saying about it here:An individual wrote, “Very insensitive and inhuman. Indigo should punish the guilty and issue a press release of the punishment given so that their disciplinary action is transparent and known to all.” A second shared, “This is so insensitive @IndiGo6E why does a grieved customer have to tweet for you to take cognizance?” A third commented, “This country cares a hoot about disabled persons. I’m a wheelchair user like you myself. In June this year, me and my family were harassed endlessly Air India for a flight from Mumbai to Chennai. I was asked for a medical certificate to board.” “I hope you seek legal action and a hefty compensation. I know it’s easier said than done, but they need to be taught a lesson. Shame on you @IndiGo6E!” posted a fourth.

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