When Fardeen Khan candidly spoke about being Feroz Khan’s son: ‘You are constantly living in their shadow…’

Fardeen Khan might not be particularly known for his acting talent, but he was considerably popular with the film-going audience of the early noughties. He made his Bollywood debut with the now-unintentionally comic Prem Aggan, which released in 1998 and was helmed his famous star father Feroz Khan. Although a bit hard to believe, Fardeen won a Filmfare Best Male Debut award the next year. Since then, Khan worked almost continuously till 2010, when Dulha Mil Gaya finally released.
The movie tanked at the box office, and Fardeen took a long break from the movies. While he may have been away from the limelight for a number of years, but when he was active in the scene, Fardeen was often compared to his stylish, suave star father, the late Feroz Khan.

In a video now uploaded the YouTube channel of WildFilmsIndia, the actor could be seen answering questions about what it was like to be such a popular personality’s son.
Talking about whether it was difficult for him to be his father’s son, Fardeen said, “As an actor, it has not been difficult at all. It has benefitted me on several levels. For one, I have learnt so much from his experience as an actor, and as a director. As a son, I have learned so much from his experience in his life. He has always been there to guide me. It has been incredible, not difficult at all.”
Further speaking about the bond he shares with his father, Fardeen said that Feroz Khan was “a great father.” “He is a lot of fun, we have a very open relationship. He treats me as an adult,” the actor added with a laugh.

In a later interview with journal Karan Thapar, Fardeen confessed that the time that he spent in his early 20s in America helped him find his own individuality, and that would not have happened had he continued to live with his family in Bombay. He also spoke about living under Feroz’s shadow at the time, saying, “Being a son of a celebrity, you are constantly living in their shadow. You are always known as their son and daughter, and everything is done for you because you are so and so’s son/daughter…I was nobody in America. I was Fardeen.”
After recently grabbing eyeballs for his drastic transformation, Fardeen Khan is all set to make his comeback to the movies with Sanjay Gupta’s production venture Visfot. The release date of the film is yet to be announced.

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