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Many people love sharing pictures of dishes they order at restaurants. This woman from China did just that but what she could have never imagined was ending up with a $60,000 bill. As per reports, it happened when along with the picture of the food she also accidentally captured the QR code for ordering food online. The woman shared a picture from the restaurant on her WeChat (Representational Image). (Unsplash/@jjik_da) The woman, Wang, posted the photo when she visited a hotpot restaurant in China along with her friends, reports South China Morning Post (SCMP). She shared the picture on WeChat and set it to ‘restricted viewing’. However, many from her long l of contacts on the app started scanning the QR code and ordering food. Stay tuned with breaking news on HT Channel on Facebook. Join Now Wang was unaware of what was happening until the restaurant staff wanted to confirm her 430,000-yuan order. That is when she discovered that people were scanning and ordering food using the QR code she accidentally posted. What is a scan-to-order system?In China, many restaurants have adopted the scan-to-order system where a customer has to scan a QR code to view the menu, order, and even pay the bill. What was ordered using the QR code?Instantly upon discovering what was happening, Wang deleted the picture but still the restaurant kept getting orders from the same QR code. She later shared about the amount of food that was ordered. A total of ‘1,850 portions of fresh duck blood, 2,580 portions of squid and 9,990 portions of shrimp paste, each priced at a few dozen yuan (a few US dollars)’ were ordered. How did the restaurant react?Understanding that Wang accidentally posted the QR code, the restaurant cancelled all the orders and moved her to a new table. They didn’t make her pay the bill. The eatery shared that they are still receiving orders, but are unable to track the ones who are placing them.

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