World of Warcraft is getting a new expansion in April, mobile game in May

Blizzard Entertainment is gearing up to reveal a new set of Warcraft related announcements in the coming months. The studio released a roadmap detailing a new expansion for WoW and an upcoming mobile game.
On March 15, 2022, Blizzard’s online card battle game, Hearthstone is getting a new expansion, which is essentially the first of three to come within the entire year. Until then, players can continue watching Hearthstone Grandmasters (Esports tournament) on YouTube to earn exclusive in-game drops. There is a Warcraft tournament as well, titled ‘Arena World Championship,’ which begins on March 18.
A month later, the company will reveal the next major expansion coming to World of Warcraft, following the Shadowlands DLC (downloadable content) in November 2020. The expansion is coming to a close with the final chapter/content update – Eternity’s End, where players can venture into the new land of Zereth Mortis.

The next expansion is on the horizon.
Join us. April 19.
— World of Warcraft (@Warcraft) March 7, 2022
The biggest surprise comes in May when Blizzard reveals the much-anticipated Warcraft game for mobile. The project was first seen in Activision’s quarterly earning’s report, which mentioned, “Blizzard is planning substantial new content for the Warcraft franchise in 2022, including new experiences in World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, and getting all-new mobile Warcraft content into players’ hands for the first time.”

Blizzard’s previous experience on the mobile platform has been in Hearthstone, which shares a somewhat connected universe with Warcraft lore. WoW functions on a recurring monthly payment system that unlocks new levels and characters – post level 25. The company will be forced to comply with Apple’s policies that effectively ban apps that run third-party stores.
Blizzard will be required to let go of the 30 percent revenue they earn from in-game purchases, and therefore might even raise the prices on select items. The company’s previously announced mobile outing, Diablo Immortal was set to launch in 2021, but got delayed to accommodate changes and feedback from an alpha test.
According to Activision’s report, the mobile game concluded its public testing and has received positive feedback. Not to mention, Blizzard also has an original, unnamed survival game in the works, for which, they are currently recruiting new talent.

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