7th Pay Commission: Latest news and update, govt wants 3 months time for pay hike

The Chief Minister of Manipur has sought three more months time to implement the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. Chief Minister Biren Singh urged the Joint Administrative Council of All Manipur Trade Unions’ Council and the All Manipur Government Employees’ Organisation to grant him three more months time.
Necessary steps would need to be taken and hence we require three months time, the CM also. A meeting of the CM with the government officials and members of the JAC was held following which time was sought.

What was discussed
The 90 minute meeting discussed various issues. Giving details of the meeting JAC’s president, senior Advocate Khaidem Mani said that out of the 22 points charter of demands submitted by the JAC to the State Government, the issue about implementation. He said that the representatives of the JAC urged the State Government to implement 7th pay at the earliest and even offered to work together with the State Government to appeal to the Central Government in case of any financial difficulties.

Meeting with Prime Minister
He further said that the JAC also plans to meet the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister, in case all other methods of persuasion fail . According to Khaidem Mani, Chief Minister N Biren said that implementation of 7th pay is a valid point but as Manipur is a poor State, the practical implementation will take some time. The president further stated that the CM listened attentively to the JAC’s argument that 7th pay has been already implemented in other States with conditions similar to Manipur and assured to take up necessary actions to try and implement the same in the State after proper analysis and research by the five member Fitment Committee formed in connection with the implementation of 7th pay commission.

Three months time
The CM further appealed to the JAC to give the State Government three months time for positive result regarding the matter, he added . Khaidem Mani also claimed that the CM welcomed the JAC’s proposal to urge the Central Government for aid in case the State Government is not able to provide the necessary finance . He also said that during the meeting, N Biren brought up the issue of some employees who are prone to only demanding rights and benefits without performing any work, to which the JAC requested the authority for permission to launch an investigation regarding the matter.

On October 10, 2016, the JAC submitted a 22 point charter of demands to the then CM of the State and the JAC has been regularly organising protests and agitation till date . Khaidem Mani said that the JAC held meetings with Chief Minister N Biren on April 21 and August 29, this year, and today’s meeting marks the third time the JAC is having a dialogue with the State Government.

On the other hand, the secretary of the JAC, L Biken expressed disappointment with some of the associations and organisations launching separate agitation without any consultation with the JAC of AMTUC and AMGEO (which was established in 1965) . He further stated that the JAC was initially affiliated to All India State Government Employees’ Federation but due to some differences, it split from the federation in September of 2015.Biken further urged all those concerned to support the JAC’s agitation and demand for implementation of 7th pay under the 7th Pay Commission in the State and further appealed the people not to support any organisation formed by members who were expelled from the JAC. The JAC’s protest was announced in a general body meeting participated by members from 47 units, he added . On the other hand he said that the JAC takes the matter brought up by the CM during the matter, namely lack of punctuality and unethical practices by Government employees, seriously.

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