Akshay Kumar visits BSF camp in J&K, says Jawans are the ‘real heroes’

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar on Tuesday visited the BSF base camp in Jammu and Kashmir to pay homage to the martyrs, who lost their lives during the ceasefire violations and encounters. The ‘Rustom’ actor, who has been shooting for his upcoming film in Mathura, flew down to the camp by arranging his own chartered aircraft. The actor refused to let the government pay for the same and turned down security cover, while flying out of Mathura.

On arriving at the BSF Jammu frontier headquarters, he addressed thousands of Jawans who had gathered at the venue. The superstar patiently posed for pictures and shook hands with the Jawans after offering flowers at the martyrs’ memorial. Calling the army men the ‘real heroes’, an emotional Akshay said, “Fortunate that I got the opportunity to come and meet you. I have always said I’m a reel hero, you are the real hero.”

The actor has time and again done his part to provide monetary assistance to the families of the BSF martyrs. In the past, Akshay had donated Rs 9 Lakh to the family of a martyred jawan and also made a donation of Rs 80 lakh to the army.

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