Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa his bio on Twitter, wrote BHARAT instead of India

*Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa his bio on Twitter, wrote BHARAT instead of India, said – this name was given by the Britishers .*

The opposition parties have named their grand alliance as ‘INDIA’. Now BJP leaders have started opposing ‘INDIA’. Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma has changed his Twitter bio. CM Himanta has written BHARAT instead of INDIA. CM Himanta says that this name was given by the British.

CM Himanta Biswa Sarma tweeted and said that our struggle is centered around India and India. The British named our country India. We must try to free ourselves from colonial legacies. Our forefathers fought for India and we will continue to work for India. BJP for India.

 BJP targets opposition for naming it ‘INDIA’

BJP shared the video of Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on Twitter. BJP wrote that the ‘INDIA’ which is maligned all over the world, had to resort to its name only to save its existence and families. Moreover, they are not even able to get the name correctly.

What did the BJP leader say on the ‘India’ of the opposition parties?

 BJP leader Sushil Modi said that nothing happens by changing the name. Changing the name does not change the face. India will compete with INDIA. India will win in 2024 because NDA represents India.

 BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya said that means Democratic or Developmental? People who are not able to make a consensus on such a simple and small matter. They are expected to run the country.

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