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Assembly Election 2017: PM Modi Visits Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat Today

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in the poll-bound Himachal Pradesh today. PM will address two election rallies here. First in Rehan in the Fatehpur Assembly constituency in Kangra district and another in Dhaula Kuan in Paonta Sahib. The prime minister will also address rallies in Sundernagar in Mandi, Rait in Shahpur and Palampur in Kangra district on November 4, and in Kullu and Una on November 5. Himachal Pradesh goes to polls on November 9.

After this PM will leave for Gandhinagar, to attend an event to be held by the Shri Aksharpurushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) organisation to mark 25 years of the Akshardham temple. In April this year, the prime minister had paid an emotional tribute to spiritual guru and head of BAPS of Swaminarayan sect Pramukh Swami who died at the sect’s temple in Sarangpur in Botad district. Gujarat will go to polls for 182 seats in two phases on December 9 and 14. The counting of votes will be taken up December 18.

Himachal Pradesh is ‘Veer Bhoomi’. Contributions and sacrifices of our jawans are invaluable
We are proud of our jawans. How can Congress leaders speak about ‘Azadi’ and question, insult the sacrifices of our jawans
Congress is a party that now deals only with ‘Bhrashtachaar’ (corruption), ‘Pariwaarwaad’ (family), ‘Jaatiwaad’ (appeasement of castes)
The Congress party of today has nothing in common with the one that Mahatma Gandhi was part of
Today, Congress is only about one family and its protection
They question anything that any Indian would be proud of… be it our soldiers keeping the nation safe from Jammu and Kashmir, or in the northeast
The entire nation is witness to how the Doklam issue was dealt with, but the Congress even questioned that
Someone born in a family which has ruled for decades doesn’t believe his own Army and agencies? Instead, meets China’s envoy and asks about Doklam.

The Khanan (Mining) mafia
The Jungle (Forest) mafia – depleting the vans (jungles) of India
Drug mafia – one that ruins our youth and casts a shadow on the state’s bright future… takes away the dreams of children and parents alike… I appeal to all mothers… vote correctly.. you give birth to Vir Purush’s (brave men), not drug addicts.
Tender mafia – who gets the tenders? Yes, you got it right… someone’s brother, someone’s son-in-law, someone’s relative… tell me, hasn’t it become a crime to not be related to someone in power? Are you all not suffering? We stand for progress for all, not progress for the relative…
Transfer mafia – You want to get a comfortable posting, pay a bribe, be the highest bidder and get the place of your choice… this has completely ruined the state and its potential

People watching PM Modi speaking in Rehan of the Kangra district in poll-bound Himachal Pradesh .

This is Dev Bhoomi, people here know how the Rakshas used to put a hinderance and trouble the people, stop progress and cause harm… but they knew that the Rakshas’ would ultimately be defeated by the Devs
They know that they can feel secure and safe that the Devs will protect them
Tell me, Has the time not come to get rid of the Danavs from this Dev Bhoomi
Time to make Dev Bhoomi truly a Dev bhoomi by choosing good over evil and progress over corruption

I think the Congress has become a laughing club
Their chief minister has serious corruption allegations against him, Is on bail
In spite of this, they appear in front of the media to present their manifesto claiming “zero tolerance” to corruption
Had it been anyone, they would run away and hide their face
Would even a child in Himachal believe that the Congress has “zero tolerance” to corruption?
This country has suffered enough under decades of Congress rule, they have now decided not to spare the Congress
State after state, people across the nation have taken it upon themselves to eradicate the Congress which has put them through so much misery

Here is what PM Modi said during his address to the people in Rehan of Kangra district:
I urge you to press the button and ensure that the party you love returns to power
On the 9th, It is time to bid farewell to those who have looted Himachal
When you press the button on that voting machine on the 9th of this month, take a moment and think about the great freedom fighter – Wazir Ram Singh Pathania
You’ll automatically press the correct button after that
In your heart you will know which is the right choice to make
I can sense the love you all have for the BJP
In fact, I was telling my colleagues, why do you want to send me. We are winning Himachal anyway
People in Himachal love their local BJP leaders so much that I am not required

PM Modi will address two election rallies in Himachal Pradesh
First rally in Rehan in the Kangra district
Second in Dhaula Kuan in the Paonta Sahib
He will also address rallies in Sundernagar in Mandi, Rait in Shahpur and Palampur in Kangra district on November 4
And in Kullu and Una on November 5
Himachal Pradesh goes to polls on November 9

People gathered in Rehan of Kangra district, where PM Modi will address the rally shortly

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