Australian Dy PM Richard Marles relishes street food in Delhi, pays via UPI | Trending

Australian Deputy Prime Miner Richard Marles paid his respects to former Union Miner Arun Jaitley at the Arun Jaitley Stadium before engaging in a game of gully cricket with young players. His day continued with a refreshing sip of nimbu pani from a Delhi stall, where he made a UPI payment. Later in the day, he indulged in the local delight of ram laddu from a street vendor. Now, videos of him relishing nimbu pani and ram laddu in Delhi have gained significant traction on X. Australian Deputy PM Richard Marles enjoying ram laddu along with other officials. (X/ANI) “Australian Deputy Prime Miner & Defence Miner Richard Marles drinks nimbu pani from a stall for which the payment was done through UPI, in Delhi,” news agency ANI wrote while sharing the video on X. The video opens to show a street vendor making nimbu pani. As the video goes on, Deputy PM Marles can be seen drinking it, thoroughly enjoying each sip. Towards the end, the payment for lemonade was made through UPI.The news agency shared another video with the caption, “Australian Deputy Prime Miner & Defence Miner Richard Marles eats ram laddu from a stall, in Delhi.” The video shows the Deputy PM enjoying ram laddu along with other officials.Both videos, since being shared, have accumulated scores of views and likes. Many even reshared the videos. What are your thoughts on this?

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