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Bahraich MP Savitribai Phule disillusioned with BJP, resigns from party’s primary membership

Bahraich, JNN Savitribai Phule MP, MP from Bahraich, who had surrounded Bharatiya Janata Party several times in the past, has become disillusioned with the party. BJP MP Savitribai Phule resigned from the party’s primary membership today. He was elected MP in the wave of Narendra Modi in 2014. Earlier in 2012, he had also contested the Assembly elections on the ticket of BJP from Belaich in Bahraich.

Savitribai Phule, resident of Naanpara of Bahraich, has resigned from the BJP on the 63rd Mahanavirvana day of Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. BJP’s Dalit leader Savitribai Phule has been in the discussion for a long time covering the party and discussing the controversial statements. MP Savitri Bai Phule had been marginalized in the party for the last one and a half years from his disputed statements. The accused of neglecting the BJP and the ISS on the basis of neglect. The MP has also accused the BJP of being anti-Dalit. MP Fule said that I have nothing to do with the BJP and its organization. As long as I am alive, I will come back to the BJP again.

While remaining in the BJP government, MP Savitri Bai Phule, who had set up his own government in the court, raised the controversy by giving a controversial statement two days ago. Savitri Bai also accused the BJP of trying to change the constitution of the country. He made serious allegations against the BJP and said that the BJP wants to run the country with Manusmriti. He said that BJP is against Dalit, backward and anti-Muslim and is plotting to end the reservation.

On the tour of Bahraich on Tuesday, he had made a very indecent remark against Lord Rama. On this occasion, Shriram was described as Manuwali and Hanuman ji was the slave of the Manuites. He danced on the statement of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to declare Hanuman ji as a Dalit. Along with this, he had said that Ram Mandir is the business of earning three percent of Brahmins in the state.

Savitribai Phule had said that the statement of the CM Yogi of Aditya Nath, a dalit, was told that if Lord Ram was Manu Manu, then Hanuman was the slave of the Manuwadis. Who had done the task of crossing the fleet of Lord Rama. Hanuman ji was insulted at that time. If he was a Dalit then why did he not be made a human? Why they were made monkeys Why was soothed in their mouths and asked them why all this was because they were dalits. The backward people of the country used to be kings. Those who used to protect were called demons.

MP Fule said why Hanuman ji was not made a human being. They were humiliated by making them monkeys This was done because he was a Dalit. Dalits and backward were called apes and protectors. All this was done by Lord Rama. He claimed that Hanuman was a Dalit, so he was humiliated. We dalits were not considered human. On the question of construction of the Ram temple, he said that the temple is a business of earning three percent of the Brahmins of the state. The people demanding the construction of the temple are the same people who are the owners of the temple. The MP said that as much as the temple is offered by the faith of Bahujan Samaj, its owners are Brahmins only. The talk of Ram temple is being taken for the business itself. He said that now the country will not run from the Ram temple nor will it run with God. Now the country will run from the Constitution.

Taking a dig at the people of upper castes, the MP said that his mind is turning to Ram temple towards diverting people. The MP said that instead of Ram temple in Ayodhya, the statue of Tathagata Gautam Buddha should be established on the basis of evidence. Not only this, he said to Lord Rama as powerless, even if he had power, he would become a temple in Ayodhya.

Explanation of expenditure on Kumbh and temples

MP Savitribai Phule said that hundreds of rupees are being spent on the name of temple and Kumbh. If this money is distributed among the poor, then perhaps the poverty of the poor will be reduced. He said that for four years these people have not forgotten the temple name at all, now that elections are going to be held in five states, they have come to remember the temple and now once again the temple issue is coming up with the issue of the upcoming elections. Are there. So that people will vote for them in the name of the temple. But now the Dalit and Backward Classes are not going to come with them at any cost.

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