Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan cried when Priyank Sharma and Sapna Chaudhary mentioned ‘Pune-Goa’ to her. Here’s why

Priyank Sharma’s re-entry on Bigg Boss 11 has not just brought excitement but also irked new controversy. The Splitsvilla 10 star, who entered the show post his unceremonious exit after getting into a physical fight with Akash Dadlani has returned all prepared to hit back on his arch nemesis. While Arshi Khan-Sapna Chaudhary were arguing, Priyank told Sapna to shoot back at Arshi saying that she knows all about her ‘Pune-Goa scandals’. As Sapna uttered these words, all hell broke loose upon Arshi and for the first time, we saw one of the strongest contenders on the show, crying. She clearly looked scared and shocked at the information being leaked by Priyank among the housemates.
For all those who are left confused with what Priyank meant with the ‘Pune and Goa scandals’, let us give you the details. The young man was referring to dirty and dark chapters from Arshi’s life that she has been trying best to hide all this while.
Arshi was reportedly suspected to be part of a flesh trade scandal in Pune in October 2016. As per a report in Pune Mirror, Arshi and her two associates, who were said to be her agents were caught by police. While the men were jailed, Arshi was sent to a rescue home, from where she fled. Police inspector Sanjay Patil, who was in charge of the social security cell of Pune police, told Mirror, “We sent a decoy to the room and when we got the confirmation that she was indeed here for prostitution, we raided the room.” Arshi’s publicist, Flynn Remedios later claimed that the cops sought sexual favours from Arshi, as he told Mirror, “The cops found two Aadhaar cards and PAN cards, both with different dates of birth. She had changed her date of birth legally but the cops threatened to book her for forgery and demanded Rs 15 lakh. They asked her to turn approver against Vipul and Krishna, which she also refused. Next, another cop asked her for sexual favours.”

As for the Goa incident, according to enewzhub.com, Goa police arrested Arshi from a beach side 5-star hotel on the accusation of practicing prostitution. The website further reported that she flew back to Mumbai after assuring cops that she was innocent.
We now know why Arshi broke down when her scandalous past came up. As of now her publicist has decided to file an FIR against Priyank, Sapna, Colors and Endemol. In a statement, he mentioned, “Filing FIR/criminal complaint against Bigg Boss 11 contestants, Priyank Sharma, Sapna Choudhary, Colors, Endemol, today under various IPC provisions concerning the dignity of a woman in legally privileged and protected cases. Colors and Endemol are accused/guilty of permitting telecast of legally privileged/protected and subjudice court matters including the right to prevent or avoid self-incrimination by accused or victim woman and using it for TRP and financial gain.”

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