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Bihar CM Nitish Kumar calls for nationwide liquor ban

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Friday favoured a nationwide ban on liquor after flagging off a rally against alcohol abuse in Barwani.
“Nationwide ban on alcohol should be imposed. Madhya Pradesh should be stopped from becoming Madh (liquor) Pradesh,” Kumar said addressing a meeting organised by Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA).
“The development in the state should not be done at the cost of fertile land. No injustice should be done to farmers and poor for the sake of development,” Kumar added.
“We should not meddle with environment to damage it,” Kumar said, adding, the dams and big projects should be build keeping in view of the ecological balance and their negative impact.
He also said farmers should get land against land as compensation so they are rehabilitated.
“I have come from Patna to extend support to the agitation on the side of river Narmada here,” he added.
The rally will cover 25 districts of Madhya Pradesh and culminate in Katni district on September 28.

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